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Our therapists and complementary practitioners have been carefully selected for their high standards of professionalism and experience to enable us to give you a first class service.



Looking Good




Full leg (Includes toe / up to bikini line) £25.00
3/4 leg £19.50
1/2 leg £15.00
StandardBikini £15.00
Brazilian £20.00
Hollywood £25.00
Under Arm £10.00
Half Arm £12.50
Three Quarter Arm £15.00
Full Arm (includes fingers) £17.50
Fingers £8.50
Toes £8.50
Full Face £28.00
Side of Face £10.00
Eyebrows £10.00
Lip £9.00
Chin £9.00
Nasal Wax £10.00
Neck £9.00
Abdomen £12.50
Full Ladies Back £20.00
Half Ladies Back £15.00
Buttocks £12.00

Discount on any combined waxing treatments. Threading available.


A safe and effective method of permanent hair removal, using a diathermy current and sterex disposable needles. A complementary consultation is necessary prior to treatment. All heat treatments, ie. sauna, sunbeds, sunbathing etc. must be avoided twenty four hours before and after treatments.

60 minutes £65.00
30 minutes £35.00
15 minutes £18.00
10 minutes £13.00
5 minutes £7.00



Hands & Foot Care

Nailtiques has set new standards in nail care. All products contain a unique combination of natural proteins and conditioners which promote healthy nail growth. Just like the body, nails need hydrating and protecting from different elements. Everyone’s nails are completely different, they need treating in a very individual way to ensure they are strengthened and their condition improved.


Mini Manicure £22.00
Standard Manicure £25.00
French Manicure £27.00
Deluxe Spa Manicure £30.00
Shape And Polish £18.00
French Shape And Polish £21.00
Polish £11.00
French Polish £15.00



Mini Pedicure £25.00
Standard Pedicure £30.00
French Pedicure £35.00
Deluxe Spa Pedicure £38.00
Shape And Polish £18.00
French Shape And Polish £21.00
Polish £11.00
French Polish £15.00

Iconic OPI colours in a polish-on gel formula! Shine intense shades. Cure in 30 seconds and lasts for weeks!


Gel manicure £25.00
Gel French manicure £28.00
Gel pedicure £28.00
Gel French pedicure £30.00

CND Shellac is a true innovation in chip free extended-wear nail colour. The original “power polish” CND Shellac combines the ease of polish with incomparable high gloss shine and extended 14 day wear.


Shellac manicure £25.00
Shellac French manicure £28.00
Shellac pedicure £28.00
Shellac French pedicure £30.00


We have products available for those of you who want to remove your gel / shellac at home.


Body Bronzing Treatments

We offer the ultimate tans and the choice of celebrities and beauty editors. A complete range of tanning essentials designed to work in harmony and ensure you get the colour to suit you without the risk of skin damage and premature aging.


Full body spray tan £20.00
1/2 body spray tan £15.00
Original application full body (includes body scrub) £40.00
Original application 1/2 body (includes body scrub) £35.00

We have a choice of St Tropez and Sienna available. Patch test required 24 hours prior to tan.

Helpful tips pre and post tan:

  • Waxing or shaving should be done at least 24 hours before.
  • Exfoliate, concentrating on heels knees and elbows.
  • Tan needs to be left on at least 8 hours to develop.
  • No make-up, moisturiser, deodorant, or jewellery to be worn.
  • Wear or bring loose baggy clothing and flip flops.
  • You will leave the salon with instant colour.

Bride Crescendo

Our bride to be treatments can be custom made. Our therapists will be delighted to help you create a special experience for bride, mothers and bridesmaids not forgetting the groom.


Bridal Consultation and trial £28.00
Bridal Make-up On The Day £25.00
Day or Evening Make-up £25.00
Make-up Lesson £30.00


Eye Treatments

The hair of the eyelash and eyebrows protect the eyes from moisture and dust but the lashes and brows also give definition to the eye. Many people, especially those with fair lashes and brows, feel that without the use of cosmetics their eyes lack this definition. We can create this definition with the use of natural vegetable dye. Your eyes will look great and the effects can last for up to 6 weeks.

A patch test is required 24 hours prior to first treatment.

Eyebrow Wax £10.00
Eyebrow Threading £10.00
Eyebrow Tint £9.50
Eye Lash Tint £12.00
Eyebrow Wax, Eye Brow Tint, Eye Lash Tint £27.00
HD brows £25.00


A seven step eyebrow shaping treatment that focuses on design. Products available to enhance your brows in between visits.

Eye Lash Extensions

Natural look £25.00
Glam look £30.00


Patch test required 24 hours prior to application of all eye treatments

Microcurrent Eye Treatment

Instant results using clinically proven skin products to smooth this fine skin prone to premature lines, dark circles and dehydration

Full treatment, 45 minutes £38.00
Flash treatment, 30 minutes £25.00

Courses available – We would recommend a minimum of 6 to achieve maximum results followed with a maintenance plan, please ask for details.





Dermalogica Face Mapping

Expert analysis and targeted results with Dermalogica’s face mapping techniques providing a deep look into your skins health. The latest advances in skin analysis provide you with a treatment specifically designed to address your personal skin concerns. It’s targeted skin care for exceptional results and is only available fro our Dermalogica Skin Centre.

Targeting specific concerns:

  • Acne
  • Environmentally Sensitized Skin
  • Dehydration
  • Sun Damaged
  • Pigmentation
  • Prematurely Aged Skin

Helping to restore optimum skin health our detailed skin consultation proceeds each treatment to ensure maximum benefits for your skin.

Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial With Mapping, 75 minutes £45.00
Dermalogica Micro-Zone Mini Facial, 30 minutes £25.00


Micro-Infusion Collagen Facial

A pure collagen veil is layed on the face, it’s intensely moisturising and natural properties soften lines around the eyes, mouth, forehead and neck. This unique facial is designed for dehydrated and mature skin, and it lifts as it moisturises


Micro Dermabrasion (MDA Crystal Clear)

Microscopic crystals are directed onto the skin. The speed of the crystals together with their abrasive nature, gently remove old dead skin cells layer by layer. Specific attention is given to any areas of concern such as open pores, wrinkles, pigmentation, blemished skin and acne scarring. It can also be used on other areas of the body.

Flash Treatment £25.00
Single Treatment £50.00

Courses available, please ask for details

Tranquillity Facial

A relaxing internal cleanse for your skin including a holistic facial massage which incorporates lymphatic drainage techniques. The skin will appear more transparent, the mind rebalanced, leaving you in a state of total tranquillity


Bio-Ultimate Gold Lifting & Firming Facial

This advanced facial treatment aids in reducing the signs of ageing by utilising a technology known as micro-current. Through a series of treatments, facial muscles are re-educated, which result in visible firming and smoothing of the skin. Skin is re-hydrated, circulation improved and a revitalised appearance is achieved.


Courses available, we recommend a course of 12 to achieve maximum results, please ask for details.



Radio Frequency Treatments

Radio frequency is one of the safest, least invasive and yet most effective anti-aging treatment available to people of all skin colours. In our early 20’s we have plenty of collagen in our skin. However, with age our collagen production decreases, so that by the time we reach our mid 40’s it is barely in production and due to the lack of collagen we notice our skin loses elasticity, sags and forms lines and wrinkles. Using the very latest Skin First Radio Frequency equipment we can stimulate your own natural collagen and tighten your elastin fibres to bring about long-lasting rejuvenation.

Contact us for an up to date price list and to discuss your individual requirements.






Aromatic Massage

A most relaxing and effective antidote to stress; combining massage with the therapeutic effect of essential oils to suit your individual needs. An all encompassing treatment which works to strengthen the body’s natural defences and improve health and emotional well-being, restoring balance to body, mind and spirit.

Full Body, 90 minutes £48.00
Back, Neck, Shoulders and Scalp, 60 minutes £30.00
Back, 30 minutes £25.00


Mineral Stone Massage

The ultimate massage using heated volcanic basalt stones which contain a high level of iron and magnesium. The high density of the stones ensures they retain heat and improve deep physical relaxation. The hot stones are placed on key energy points to help rebalance the body while the warmth applied to the tissue regulates the cardiovascular, muscular and nervous systems. A profoundly relaxing and rebalancing treatment.

Full Body, 60 minutes £65.00
Half Body, 30 minutes £48.00



A massage therapy that involves stimulation of the reflex zones of the feet, thus stimulating energy by a reflex action to a related muscle or organ and encouraging the body’s healing system to search for its point of balance or homeostasis


Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage works on both the physical and psychological levels. Drainage and pressure point techniques are used to improve relaxation, digestion, concentration, the immune system and nourish the hair and scalp, 60 minutes


Thermal Auricular Candle Therapy

Organic ear candles are used to help ease the physical discomforts of blocked sinuses, tinnitus, allergies, ear aches and snoring. These subtle benefits improve alertness, concentration and revitalise the body. Head, neck and face pressure point massage included


Piriadara Thai Style Massage

A powerful, potent treatment that uses the ancient healing arts of Thailand, with natural herbal and plant compresses to soothe aches and pains. Exfoliates and invigorates the skin. Inhalation of natural fragrances stimulate the brain providing clarity of thought leaving you alert and re-energised.

Full Body, 60 minutes £60.00
Half Body, 30 minutes £40.00


Body Care


Exfoliating Body Scrub Treatment

Soothe away dulling surface debris while restoring vital nutrients to tired skin. An exfoliating body scrub, customised with aromatherapy oils, which help to soothe skin, relax stressed muscles and soothe the senses.


Spa Body Therapy

Get ready to take the world on again with our revitalising and energising body treatment. We start with exfoliation to remove dulling skin cells. Customised mud or gel packs are applied from head to toe to hydrate or detoxify the skin. To complete this experience you will receive a deeply relaxing body and acupressure scalp massage. Mind and body will feel relaxed, regenerated and renewed! 2 hours




Gentleman’s Retreat



Full Back £25.00
Half Back £22.00
Chest £20.00
Half Arm £12.50
Nasal £10.00
Ears £10.00
Buttocks £15.00
Abdomen £12.50


Energizer Facial

A specially formulated deep cleansing facial for lifeless, sluggish skin polluted by stress and negative lifestyles. It oxygenates, replenishes and nourishes your skin leaving it glowing and revived


Energizer Duo

Combining the Energizer Facial with Relaxing Back Massage


Mens Skin Fitness Facial

Mens skin fitness facial for congested, oily and break out prone skin. Does shaving bring about the worst in your skin? Help skin recover from current damage while cleaning, clearing, soothing and calming. We’ll even outline a pre-shave and post shave home care regime to help you maintain results


Thermal Touch Back Purification

De-stress your muscles and cleanse the skin of impurities with this purifying and relaxing back treatment. A deeply cleansing scrub sloughs off dead skin cells readying skin for the removal of toxins. Your hardest part to reach will be cleansed, polished, hydrated and refreshed


Grooming And Relaxation Essentials

Manicure £22.00
Pedicure £27.00
Back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage £30.00

Facial and shaving produxts available to maintain your home care regime.



Ultimate Experience


We have created a range of ultimate spa experiences, each designed to enhance your feeling of well-being and transport you to a place where tension, fatigue and stress melt away.

Perfect Retreat

Let us pamper you. Escape into a world of relaxation and bliss, forget your worries and delight in our ultimate spa journey… pure pleasure!

Full body massage, tranquillity facial and pedicure, 3 1/2 hours


Body And Soul

Embark on a calming journey to ease your cares away and lead you to inner peace and tranquillity.

Reflexology and full body aromatic massage, 2 1/2 hours


Body Wellness

Find heavenly relaxation and calm. Uplift your senses and pamper your body from top to toe.

Total tranquillity!

Back, Neck, Shoulder, Scalp Massage, Manicure and Pedicure


Teenage Party Package

File and polish hands and feet, make-up, 1 1/2 hours



Send us your questions to faqs@essential-beauty-clinic.co.uk and we will do our best to answer them!

Can I have a facial after botox?

We recommend leaving two weeks after your botox treatment before a facial. You can however have our Omnilux treatment which will optimise your botox treatment

What treatments if any can I have when I’m pregnant?

Yes you can have most treatments. However we would recommend that for some treatments you are over 3 months pregnant because of certain oils we use. If you are concerned please ask at reception

Why do I need a patch test for an eyelash tint?

We test a small amount behind your ear to make sure you do not react to the tinting product

I have in gowing hairs on my bikini line what can I do?

Exfoliation and moisturising between waxing treatments helps reduce in growing hairs

I have broken veins on my face can I get rid of them?

Yes we treat broken veins on the face. A consultation on the same day as treatment would be required

Will my nails be rubbish after having gels on or tips? How long a recovery?

When you have gel or tips the nail does go through a trauma and will possibly be slightly weaker. With good home care they should recover within about a month

What is the difference between a normal bikini, Brazilian and Hollywood waxing What do I wear and do I need to trim?

A bikini wax is the hair removed outside you knicker line.

A Brazilian is a strip down the centre and all the hair underneath removed.

A Hollywood wax is all hair removed.

We will provide paper pants for you to wear and if the hair is long you will need to trim

Do I need my open toed sandals for a pedicure?

Yes you do need flip flops or open toed sandals to allow time for you toe polish to dry

What is the difference between Gel overlays and tips and the difference between acrylic and gel?

The difference between overlay and tips is gel is applied to the natural nail where tips are glued onto the nail to give the nail length. The difference between gel and acrylic nails is acrylic are less flexible and tend to damage the natural nail where gel nails are more natural

What do I do for a tan and how long does it last?

Exfoliate and do any waxing or shaving the day before. You will wear paper pants for the tan and we would recommend you bring loose dark clothing to go home in. The tan will last for about 5-7 days if looked after correctly ie moisturise, pat skin dry after bath/shower. We would advise to have the tan 1-2 days before the special occasion

How long does leg hair need to be for waxing?

Leg hair needs to be about 1cm long for waxing

Special deals



20% Off Deluxe spa pedicure ONLY £28

Time to give your neglected feet some TLC!!!
Now the festive season is over why not treat your feet to a deluxe spa pedicure, no polish so you can put your boots back on straight away!
You will receive a thorough treatment and a protein application for those dehydrated nails followed by a nourishing paraffin wax treatment wrapped in warm booties, great for dry skin, aching muscles, arthritis and relaxation!
A great way to get your feet prepared for the new seasons varnishes!

Offer valid until 31st January 2015.
Terms and Conditions apply.

Meet our team


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ITEC, ICHT qualified Aesthticienne, skin expert , holistic therapist.
I have worked in the industry for over 20 years and have gained a vast range of knowledge and experience during this time. In 2001 I opened Essential beauty, It has since gone on to be known as a  little haven in Northfield, with a loyal clientele who spread the word. I am  dedicated to providing a consistent professional  but friendly service. I value and nurture staff to provide high standards. Your satisfaction is our teams priority



NVQ level 3 qualified. Joined the team in 2007.
Kerry is known for her artistic  approach and an eye for detail. A well liked and valued member of the team.
An excellent masseuse and make- up artist a  perfectionist  with a loyal clientele.



Charlotte came to the salon for work experience whilst training towards  her beauty qualifications. During this time she showed great potential with good listening skills eager to please and get as much hands on training as she could . I saw a good therapist in the making.
Charlotte joined us in June 2013 after gaining her NVQ level 3 in beauty. She is continuing to grow  in confidence and has recently added to her  qualifications micro-current, microdermabrasion and Hopi ear candle. She is also working towards becoming a Dermalogica  skin expert



NVQ level 3 qualified  joined the team in 2010
Has a warm caring , chatty  nature. Mel always strives to be the best in all she does, is  keen and enthusiastic always looking to gain more knowledge and experience.  
An excellent all round therapist eager to please and  Popular  with clients.




The Essential Beauty Skin Clinic and Relaxation Centre has been created to provide you with the highest standard of treatments and therapeutic experience in truly relaxing  and luxurious surroundings. Our therapists and complementary practitioners have been carefully selected for their high standards of professionalism and experience to enable us to give you a first class service.


Cancellation Policy

We request that a 24 hour notice is given when cancelling an appointment for us to provide an efficient service.

A 50% cancellation fee will be charged if an appointment is not kept or insufficient notice is given. A 50% credit card deposit will be charged for package treatments lasting 2 hours or more.

For your Comfort

We would politely ask you to refrain from using mobile phones whilst inside Essential Beauty.

Please note children are not allowed in treatment rooms for health and safety reasons.

Customer Parking

Parking is available at the rear of the premises, please register at reception on arrival.

Opening Hours

We are open during the following hours:

  • Monday
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